Poincaré - Cans 24x473ml

Poincaré - Cans 24x473ml

Microbrasserie Les Grands Bois (Saint-Casimir, QC)

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Ingredients: Water, malted barley (Pils, Chit), Hops (Hallertau), yeast (Mittelfruh).

Description: As everyone knows, the kolsch was the favorite style of Henri Poincare, the famous french universalist mathematician. That said, we bring you another kolsch. This lagered ale, inspired by a colonial style and traditionally served in a glass called the stange, was confined in the cold for several weeks in order to provide a crisp body of cereals and a balanced bitterness. Empty glasses, do not fear the shortage. As stated by Poincare's recurrence theorem, you will be watered to satiety.



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